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Object detection

Object detection is the most widely used approach for teaching robots to recognise items. Rectangular boxes are used by our nanyatt specialists to build high-accuracy training datasets.

Entity Classification

Entity categorization is used to examine and train machines on the content of digital documents. Our nanyatt specialists will develop knowledge-based curation to produce a training dataset.

Video Collection

The video collection is then annotated frame by frame in order to extract insights from videos in order to train AI models. We offer a global freelancing network at nanyatt to help with video gathering assignments.

Key Point Detection

The purpose of keypoint detection is to find key points in things that aid in understanding the underlying characteristic of the item. These are used for a variety of purposes, including posture estimation, facial recognition, sports analytics, and many more.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR is the process of recognising data in the form of handwritten text, printed text, and so on. Used to electronically scan data in order to get insights and allow machines to interpret the data.

Polyline Annotation

Polylines are used to annotate linear features such as road margins, dashed lines, and other locations. These polylines are usually utilised in autonomous vehicles to determine which way to go.

Text Tagging

In-Text tagging, we annotate the keywords, extract concepts, identify topics and important relations between a word to word. In nanyatt our experts can handle a variety of edge cases.

Polygon annotation

We use in-text tagging to annotate keywords, extract ideas, identify subjects, and find relevant word-to-word relationships. Our professionals at nanyatt can handle a wide range of edge circumstances.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the process of identifying the context of a given text by extracting text linguistics, keywords, and text tagging. Our expert staff can assist you in assessing according to your needs.

Image Collection

According to a Repsly poll, over 1.8 billion photographs are posted every day. In nanyatt, we use modern algorithms to web scrape the photographs and collaborate with freelancers all around the world to acquire the data.

Information Extraction

Every day, massive amounts of unstructured data are created. We at nanyatt assist you in extracting insights from unstructured text, identifying keywords, and providing structured useful insights.

Audio Collection

The need for audio data is increasing at an exponential rate since building human-machine interactions necessitates a large variety and diversity of data. Our freelancing community may assist you with gathering a wide range of data.