Computer Vision Usecases

Object detection

Object detection is the most commonly used technique to train machines to identify objects. Our experts in nanyatt use rectangular boxes to create training datasets with high accuracy.

Key Point Detection

Keypoint detection is to identify the key points in the objects that help to understand the underlying feature of the object. These are used for pose estimation, face Recognition, sports analytics, and many more.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR is a process of recognition of the data in the form of handwritten text, printed text, etc. Used to electronically scan the data to get insights and enable the machines to understand the data.

Polyline Annotation

Polylines are used to annotate linear structures like road edges, dashed lines similar kinds of regions. These polylines are mostly used in autonomous vehicles to understand the right direction.

Polygon annotation

Polygon annotation requires an experienced team to annotate the sharp edges of the object accurately. In nanyatt our expert's team had worked on many edge cases and achieved the best accuracies.