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In Nanyatt, from AUTONOMOUS to AGRICULTURE, we power your AI models with high-quality image data.

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Nanyatt data labelling teams have provided industry-leading accuracy to a wide range of domain initiatives. We were able to get this score because we used our well-known process, quality checking methods, and subject matter experts to provide high-quality output in a timely manner.

Here, we take care of your data so you can focus entirely on your core AI product. You only need to discuss your needs with us and test out our free demo.

Instructions Manual

Our domain specialists will collect all of your needs and prepare an instruction manual for you. We will share it with you for your permission before proceeding.


We will deliver a demo to meet your needs. If you are completely happy with our services, we can sign a mutual agreement to work.


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Bounding Box

The bounding box is used to describe an object's spatial location by simply drawing a rectangular box around it.


Bounding boxes are quick and simple to use, but they fall short when dealing with irregular forms, thus we employ Polygon annotations.


Polylines are commonly used to mark open forms. Frequently used to designate shapes such as roads, lanes, and other similar forms.

Key point

Keypoint annotations, also known as landmark annotations, have found applications in movement tracking, pose estimation, sports analytics, and many other fields.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is used to collect feedback from supplied content by categorising positives and negatives.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technique for detecting characters in images such as numbers and letters.

Data Collection

We provide complete data gathering services, including audio, video, picture, and text data, to power your AI.

Lidar Annotations

Lidar is a technology that calculates distances to a given object. It is commonly used in geospatial, autonomous, and other sectors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the services we offer in Nanyatt?

    Nanyatt provides accurately annotated data in the form of text, photographs, and videos utilising multiple annotation methodologies, all while assuring quick production and high-quality outputs.

    What is your pricing structure?

    Nanyatt will plan according to the needs of our clients. We offer a highly flexible pricing system, although the majority of our clients choose to pay per annotated object.

    Do you work on our preferred annotation tool?

    We do, indeed. If the customer requests that we use their chosen annotation tool, we shall do so.

    Do we need to sign contract before demo?

    No, we will first offer you with a demo for your requirements, and if you are completely pleased with our services and quality output, we will proceed.